Karlovy Vary

Carlsbad is the largest and best-known bath resort in the Czech Republic. The town is located not far off the Czech-German border on the international road E48, 60 km from border town Schirnding. The distance between Carlsbad and Prague, the Czech capital, is 125 km. Carlsbad can be reached via train through border crossing Schirnding - Cheb, or through Johanngeorgenstadt. Rivers Teplá, Ohře and Rolava run through the town. The altitude of Carlsbad is 370 m above the sea level and surrounding hills reach up to 644 m. The climate is foothills. The town has 55 000 inhabitants.The architecture and the design of this spa city are closely connected with the mission this city of springs has for the surrounding world. The city or, more precisely, the city's spa centre, which is the most attractive from the visitors' point-of-view, is situated around the meandering Teplá River. The river has been cutting through the hilly landscape full of forests and other vegetation since ancient times.

Carlsbad has made a name for itself as a spa. Later however with its specialities and sights typical for this city and its surroundings as well. Speaking of specialities, we mean in particular certain products to be used, in particular:
- Moser glass, named after the founder of the famous glass factory and known as "Glass of Kings" all around the world, ranks among these traditional specialities.
- Bitter-sweet bitters Karlovarská becherovka (38 % of alcohol, 10 % of sugar), known as "the thirteenth spring", is one of the traditional and without doubt the most original speciality of Carlsbad.
- Karlsbad Wafers are one of the most popular specialities of Carlsbad

they started to be produced by Karl Bayer some time around 1850.
- Carlsbad thermal salt, traditional Carlsbad speciality.